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Class of 2013 Beyond the Page Theatre Company Alumni

Madeline Marshall (2013)

Temple University for Theatre Education


"Beyond the Page Theatre Company was hands down the best part of my high school experience and inspired me to try and bring the joy theatre evokes into my future students' lives just as Clark brought such joy into mine."

Katie Carbone (2013)

James Madison University - Vocal Performance


"10 years ago if someone asked my parents what they thought I would do in the future, performing on stage would have been at the end of the list. Theatre has challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and to push myself towards bigger goals. Without theatre, I would never have found my passion and I would not be pursuing a career in the performing arts."



Paige Atkins (2013)

Clemson University majoring in Spanish and International Trade


"The West Potomac Theatre Department is fierce, fabulous, and flourishing every day! This family allowed me to meet some amazing people while discovering my artistic ability, and I wouldn't trade my time spent in Springbank for the world."

Alex Venzke (2013)

Beloit College studying Geology


"The West Potomac Theatre Department is amazing. I was only involved for 1 year but it was the best experience of my time at West Potomac. I met many awesome friends and Clark made it very easy to feel comfortable on and off stage.  I'm glad that I was able to be a part of this family and it will continue to get stronger and stronger each year."



Alex Amico (2013)

Studying Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at Syracuse University


"If you told me when I was a freshman that by the time I graduated I would have played a lead role in a play and be inducted as a thespian, I would've thought you were crazy. I had done theater as a little kid, but had moved more towards sports as I got older. Still, I got the chance as a junior and senior to return to theater and remember why I loved it. West Potomac Theater gave me wonderful friends, great memories and a connection to a program I can take a lot of pride in. I'll always be grateful to the theater department for allowing me to rediscover my love for putting on a show."



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