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Little Shop of Horrors Playbill

(download PDF below)




6, 8, 14 & 15





8, 9, 15




Feed the need for musical hilarity with this delicious sci-fi smash about a

man-eating plant!


November 2014: Little Shop of Horrors will open at West Potomac High School on Thursday, November 6th at 7:00pm


Little Shop of Horrors follows the misadventures of Seymour (David Jarzen and Aubrey Blount), a down-and-out floral assistant who longs to get the girl of his dreams (Nikki Amico and Sarah Lore) and escape life on Skid Row. He becomes an overnight sensation when he discovers an exotic plant with a mysterious craving for fresh blood. Soon “Audrey II” (Sam Rainey and Julian Worth) grows into an ill-tempered, carnivore who offers him fame and fortune in exchange for feeding its growing appetite! Laced with dark humor and irresistible music, Little Shop of Horrors is one of the longest-running off-Broadway shows of all time.


Little Shop of Horrors is rated PG-13, parents should use discretion due to the amount of violence.

We have two casts for this show.  Please note the performance schedule of each cast: 

November 6, 8, 14 & 15 -- all 7 PM 

David Jarzen
Nikki Amico
Jonathan Barger
Austin Harlow
Caroline Austin
Emily Carbone
Lizzy Rader
Frankie Mananzan
Matt Evans
Ethan Lyon


November 6, 13, 14 &15 -- all 7 PM
Sam Rainey - Voice of Audrey II

Emma Norville - Audrey II puppeteer


November 8, 9 & 15 at 2 PM and November 13 at 7 PM
Aubrey Blount
Sarah Lore
Sam Davidson
JP Havranek
Hannah Runner
Lauren Airey
Delaney Claussen
Lorna Ryan
Luke Simonsen
Joe Hickey


November 8 at 7 PM and November 8, 9, 15 at 2 PM

Julian Worth - Voice of Audrey II

Taylor Stephens - Audrey II puppeteer

Lauren Airey (Crystal)- Lauren hopes you love this fun show as much as she does! She and the rest of the cast have worked very hard and are sure you will love it. Lauren has been a Lost Boy in Peter Pan & Wendy, Concorde in Spamalot and now Crystal in Little Shop. She thanks you all for coming out to support West Potomac Theatre.


Kat Amato (Sound Assistant)- This is Kat’s first show as a techie. She is thrilled to be working on the show and hopes that everyone does a fantastic job.


Nikki Amico (Audrey)- Nikki is ecstatic to kick off her senior year with this amazing show. She was last seen as Rosalia in West Side Story at the Theatre Lab and before that as Not Dead Fred in Spamalot. This is her 5th production at West Potomac. She is so thankful to Clark, Cathy, Sam, Jacob, Alyssa, Emily, and everyone else who has helped with the show. Enjoy and remember: don’t feed the plants!


Liam Armstrong (Lighting Assistant)- Liam Armstrong has done lighting for Life with Father, Much Ado About Nothing, Beauty and the Beast, 18 Reasons, and Guys and Dolls Jr. But he is really excited to be apart of Little Shop of Horrors.


Caroline Austin (Ronnette)- Caroline is a senior and this is her 4th show at West Potomac. She was most recently seen as a Laker Girl/Cocktail Maid in Spamalot. Caroline is also involved with the Varsity Dance Team and is a Cappie critic. Outside of school Caroline has enjoyed working as a choreographer for the LTA Shining Stars Camps during the summer and was the choreographer for ACCT’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. She wishes to thank Clark and Ms. Manley for this great opportunity to Doo-Wop with this amazing cast!


Jonathan Barger (Mushnik)- Jonathan Barger is extremely excited for the show and has been anticipating it since summer. He has done 1 musical and a Shakespeare show.

Aubrey Blount (Seymour)- Aubrey hopes you enjoy the show and is excited to kick off his high school debut as Seymour.


Sarah Bowman (Lighting Designer)- Sarah is excited to design her 6th show at West Potomac High School, and do tech for her 7th. She has been privileged to be able to do lights since her sophomore year, and can’t wait to graduate with 3 more under her belt. Little Shop of Horrors is her favorite musical, and she couldn’t pick a better cast and crew to put it on. 


Emily Carbone (Crystal)- Emily is a junior here at West Potomac. This is her 4th Beyond the Page production and she looks forward to continuing with the company in the future. Her previous WPHS roles include Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, Lucy in Avenue Q, and Laker Girl/Show Girl in Spamalot. Enjoy the show!


Delaney Claussen (Chiffon)- Delaney loves theatre and Beyond the Page. She believes this cast is a hit and will go far. She loves playing different characters with her friends and singing the show’s songs until people can’t get them out of their heads. Enjoy the catchy tune that will haunt you for days.


Kayla Claussen (Lighting Crew)- Kayla is excited to be working with lighting. She was hoping that she would do lighting because she wanted to see how everything works, and wants to do lighting for shows later on.


Sam Davidson (Mushnik)- Sam is a freshman at West Potomac High School. He has been in other plays and musicals, such as Guys and Dolls last year at Carl Sandburg. He would like to thank hisfamily for all of their support, and hopes you enjoy the show.


Alyssa Denton (Assistant Stage Manager)- Alyssa Denton is a senior. This is her 3rd time being an ASM but her 7th West Potomac production. She is so proud of the whole cast and crew and all their hard work going into this production! Xoxo #psychedsquad


Gracie Denton (Head Sound Designer)- Gracie is so crazy excited to be doing her 7th mainstage show as sound designer at West Potomac and her 33rd show doing tech. Gracie is currently a junior and the Secretary for Thespian Troupe 1899. Gracie is honored to have the chance to work with her fellow cast and crew who’ve worked so hard on this production. She hopes you enjoy the show! #psychedsquad


Madeleine DiFolco (Set Crew)- Madeleine is a junior who continually loves being involved in West Potomac theatre. Little Shop of Horrors is going to be our best show yet.


Paige Edwards (Set Crew)- Paige is in 10th grade. She usually performs in shows and is excited to try something new. In addition to theatre she enjoys dancing and playing the guitar.


Matt Evans (Character Actor)- Matt is so pumped to be a part of Little Shop! He was last seen as a Knight of Ni in Spamalot. Matt really is just excited to have more time with Gracie. She rocks his world. He hopes you enjoy the show! Peace and blessings.


Margaret Gorguissian (Props Designer)- Margaret is very excited to be designing props for the 4th time at Beyond the Page Theatre Company. She can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store and hopes you enjoy the show!


Austin Harlow (Dentist)- Austin Harlow is a junior at West Potomac High School. That’s it.


JP Havranek (Dentist)- JP is so excited to be a part of his 3rd mainstage production at West Potomac. JP is a junior and loser. The only things that get JP through the day are spending quality time with his very best friend Gracie, who is kind enough to write his bio for the third year in a row, running through the hallways with David, and chillen with Emily. PS - follow him on twitter @doseastjp


Joe Hickey (Character Actor)- Joe is very excited to be in his first high school production. Previously he has been in 15 Reasons not to be in a Play at Carl Sandburg Middle School and participated in Mayfest Playfest. He hopes you enjoy the show!


David Jarzen (Seymour)- David Jarzen is so excited to be a part of Little Shop of Horrors, his fourth show at West Potomac. David is so proud of how much our department has grown. David loves all of his cast mates. He would like to thank Clark, Cathy, and Sam for all they do. David also loves Grace Denton, the amazing sound person and best friend he could ever ask for. #psychedsquad


Natalie Jurkowski (Set Designer)- Natalie hopes you will enjoy the show! She worked last year on Spamalot, Avenue Q, Peter Pan & Wendy and has decided to return for another season. She is very excited to design the sets for Little Shop and hopes to do so again for Addam’s Family. She is half centaur.


Kaylie Kopicki (Lighting Crew)- Kaylie hopes you enjoy the show and hopes you come back to see more of West Potomac Theatre!


Hannah Lau (Lighting Crew)- Hannah is honored to be starting her senior year at West Potomac. She is a member of the Thespian Honor Society and the Latin Honor Society. She would like to wish all the cast and crew good luck.


Becky Lehner (Head of the Costume Department)- This is Becky’s 5th production and 1st year as costume head. She is so excited to lead the department to another level and hopefully another Cappie.


Sarah Lore (Audrey)- Sarah is super excited to be in Little Shop of Horrors. She has been in previous productions of Carl Sandburg Middle School, ACCT, and WNO. Sarah is really excited to perform in more West Potomac High School productions in the future.


Emily Lyon (Stage Manager in training)- Emily hopes you enjoy the show. This is her second time doing tech for a show. She has performed in Guys and Dolls most recently. She would also like to thank all of the cast and crew for an amazing experience.


Ethan Lyon aka “Blondie” (Character actor)- This is Blondie’s 9th show here at West Po. You might also be interested to know other than being a, he is also the doctrine King of Poland as well as pantsman [???????]. He is happy to start his senior year as blonde as ever and hopes that you enjoy this informative show about life in the ghetto.


Frankie Mananzan (Juanita)- This is Frankie’s 6th West Potomac production. She has loved every single one of them. She loves being part of this department and hopes you enjoy the show!


Kevin Mann (Set Construction)- Kevin Mann is excited for his first show as a part of the tech crew. He also knows how generic this bio is. He doesn’t really care.


Ella Moore (Assistant Set Designer)- Hello! This is Ella's fourth show with West Potomac theatre! She is a sophomore currently enrolled in Technical Theatre 2. She had a blast designing and building this set for Little Shop of Horrors. Ella is so grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast, crew, and director. She is looking forward to a great season and hope you enjoy the show!


Emma Norville (Audrey II puppeteer)- Emma is very excited to be a part of this production!


Lydia Perez (Head of Prop Team and Painter)- Lydia can’t wait for you to see the fall musical Little Shop of Horrors. She has been doing tech theatre for the past 3 West Potomac productions, including Avenue Q, Peter Pan & Wendy, and Spamalot. She loves painting and constructing sets. She hopes you love the show!


Elaina Phalen (Stage Crew)- Elaina has done stage crew at The Little Theatre of Alexandria’s A Christmas Carol for 2 years. She also was the stage manager for Carl Sandburg’s Guys and Dolls. This is her first production at West Potomac.


Sam Poole (Stage Manager)- Sam Poole is a senior at West Potomac. She has been stage managing for a very long time, so she is very good at it. (This is not her writing this so it’s not cocky.) She is President of Thespian Troupe 1899, where she rules with an iron fist.


Elizabeth “Lizzy” Rader (Chiffon)- Lizzy Rader is thrilled to return to West Po’s stage as Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors after having such a blast in Avenue Q and Spamalot. Other theatre credits include performances at LTA, Signature, MSA, Theatre Lab, and MPAT. In addition to theatre, Lizzy dances and performs with iMpulse, a pre-professional jazz dance sponsored by Metropolitan School of the Arts. Many thanks to the fabulous cast and crew. And a huge thanks to Cathy, Mark, and Clark for their support in this awesome show. #psychedsquad


Sam Rainey (Audrey II)- Sam Rainey returns to WPHS Theatre with the role of the plant. Previous shows include Night of the Living Dead, Young Frankenstein, Avenue Q, Peter Pan, Spamalot, and now Little Shop of Horrors. Sam Rainey hopes to have another amazing year. God Bless America, Sam Rainey.


Becca Roberts (Sound Assistant)- Becca has been part of West Potomac Theatre since she was in 7th grade, performing in Suessical, Peter Pan & Wendy, and Spamalot. She is looking forward to tech for Little Shop of Horrors with Gracie. #psychedsquad Ps follow JP on twitter @doseastjp.


Hannah Runner (Ronnette)- Hannah has had a lot of fun doing theatre in the past. She has performed at LTA, Sandburg and is now doing Little Shop of Horrors. She hopes you enjoy the show and come back to future West Potomac shows.


Lorna Ryan (Juanita)- Lorna Ryan is really excited to be in the cast of Little Shop of Horrors. She has been in many musicals such as Alice in Wonderland, Aristocats, The Little Mermaid, Oklahoma!, Pinocchio, and Guys and Dolls. Lorna is very happy to be involved in West Potomac Theatre and can’t wait for the next year to come!



Jade Schaub (Painting/Building Crew)- This is Jade’s first show doing  tech and she looks forward to the great experience. She’s excited to work with the amazing cast of Little Shop and wishes all the actors good luck.


Andrew Schurr (Head Stage Crew)- This is Andrew’s first show running tech and he is really excited to see how it turns out. He wishes you enjoy the performance and wishes the cast and crew good luck.


Nina Shute (Costume Crew)- Little Shop of Horrors is Nina’s second production at West Potomac. She is very excited to be a part of this production. She was also part of the costume crew for Spamalot last spring.


Luke Simonsen (Character Actor)- Luke Simonsen has been in a couple of stage plays and was in Guys and Dolls at Carl Sandburg. He enjoys theatre and has been doing it for a while.


Peter Skudlarek (Stage Crew)- Peter hopes you enjoy the show and will come to every show this season. He has been known to dabble in theatre and was in Peter Pan & Wendy last year. What team? Wildcats.


Jessica Steadman (Stage Crew)- Jessica is excited to be working on crew for Little Shop of Horrors. She has previously worked on one show, and couldn’t stay away. We hope you enjoy!


Taylor Stephens (Audrey II Puppeteer)- Taylor is very excited to be in her second musical at West Potomac! Taylor would like to wish all her cast and crew good luck in putting on a great show. Taylor has been singing and acting since she was very little, and was last seen (or rather unseen) as stage crew in Spamalot. Taylor can’t wait for this season, and hopes you enjoy it as much as she does!


Lily Vita (Props Crew)- Lily Vita has been in many ACCT productions such as The Trials of Robin Hood, Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast. She also has participated in the Carl Sandburg Fall play, and did sound for Guys and Dolls Jr. Lily is excited to be a part of the Little Shop of Horrors crew, and all the future West Potomac productions.


Jacob Warren (Assistant Stage Manager)- Jacob Warren is back in black. His last production at West Potomac, Suessical, was a big hit so he decided to take his talents down to Durham, NC. His encore national tour included the two hit musicals Hairspray and Footloose at the Jordan High School Arena. He is happy to return home to West Potomac to cap off his four year fiasco in front of his home crowd.  


Linnea Webster (Props Crew)- Although Linnea is doing tech, she loves performing onstage too. Linnea participated in two Carl Sandburg productions: 18 Reasons not to be in a Play, and Guys and Dolls Jr.  Linnea has been singing in choir from the age of 4, and is excited to be a part of the future productions at West Potomac High School.


McKenna Wirth (House Manager and Set Construction/Painting)- McKenna had a TON of fun doing theatre in middle school and wanted to continue in high school. She is hopes you enjoy the show and return.


Julian Worth (Audrey II)- Julian Worth is a freshman at West Potomac High School, which is pretty much mostly cool. He’s also excited to be in his first Beyond the Page production, which is significantly cooler because he’ll be able to add it to a resume which already includes MVCCT, Aldersgate, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company (among others.) Enjoy the show!


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