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The Cappies, "Critics and Awards Program," is a program through which high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local newspapers like The Washington Post, Cincinnati Enquirer, Dallas Morning News, Kansas City Star, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

At the end of the year, the student critics vote for awards that are presented at a formal Cappies Gala. In July and August, many of the top award honorees from around the U.S. and Canada are invited to participate in the Cappies International Theater, where they perform shows at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

West Potomac's Cappies Shows

2017 - Billy Elliot

Marketing and Publicity - Lily Vita, Emily Lyon and WPHS Marketing Crew

Lighting - Jessica Steadman, Kayla Claussen, Aubrey Blount & Sam Davidson - WINNER

Stage Management and Crew - Emily Lyon, Elaina Phalen & the Blackmorph Suit Crew

Special Effects - Ella Moore, Logan Claussen & Will Schless - WINNER

Costumes - Kaylie Kopicki, Becca Roberts, Lorna Ryan, Valentina Selnick

Orchestra - Refried Beans

Choreography - Natalie Edwards

Ensemble - Miners

Male Dancer - Josh Stein

Supporting Actor in a Musical - Jonathan Barger - WINNER

Song - Solidarity - WINNER

Musical - WINNER

2016 - Starlight Express

Marketing and Publicity - Liam Armstrong, Delaney Claussen & Lily Vita

Special Effects and Technology - Samantha Kendrick

Hair and Make-up - Kaylie Kopicki and WPHS Make-up Crew

Lighting - Kayla Claussen, Hope Kyota, Jessica Steadman, and WPHS Crew

Costumes - Jordan McCray, Helen Kitrosser, Kaylie Kopicki & Quinn Burgard - WINNER

Male Vocalist - David Jarzen - WINNER

Supporting Actress in a Musical - Frankie Mananzan

Supporting Actor in a Musical - Julian Worth

Best Song - Light at the End of the Tunnel

2015 - The Addams Family

David Jarzen - Lead Actor

Nikki Amico - Lead Actress

Frankie Mananzan - Supporting Actress

Emma Norville - Comic Actress - WINNER

Lizzy Rader - Female Dancer

Sam Rainey - Featured Actor

Ensemble in a Musical - Dancing Ancestors


Stage Crew


Make-up Design

Set Design, Ella Moore, Natalie Jurkowski, Elaina Phalen - WINNER

Marketing and Publicity

Critics Team

2014 - Spamalot

Musical - WINNER

Song - You Won't Succeed on Broadway - WINNER

Peter Serle - Lead Actor in a Musical

Anjum Choudhury - Lead Actress in a Musical

Eddie Perez - Supporting Actor in a Musical - WINNER

David Jarzen - Supporting Actor in a Musical

Peter Serle - Male Vocalist

Nikki Amico - Female Dancer

Dan Evans - Featured Actor

Nikki Amico - Featured Actress - WINNER

Kaila Anderson - Choreography - WINNER

Orchestra - WINNER

Set Crew - Sam Poole, Alyssa Denton, Katelyn McConville and the Black Morphsuit Crew

Margaret Gorguissian and the WPHS props crew  - Props

Lesya Melnychenko and Becky Lehner - Costumes - WINNER

Natalie Jurkowski, Ella Moore and the WPHS set crew  - Set Design - WINNER

Sarah Bowman, Katie Kamara and Joe Slattery - Lighting Design

Gracie Denton, Jordan McCray, Ben Roberts and Peter Serle - Marketing - WINNER

Critics Team

2013 - Young Frankenstein the Musical

Best Musical

Together Again - Song

Ben Roberts - Lead Actor in a musical - WINNER

David Jarzen - Supporting Actor in a musical - WINNER 

Katie Carbone - Female Vocalist


2012 - Inherit the Wind

Comic Actor in a play - Toby Mananzan

2011 - Bye Bye Birdie

Amanda Aleves - Female Dancer

Burke Solo - Male Dancer

Connor Chilton - Comic Actor in a Musical

2010 - Sideway Stories from the Wayside School

Emily Woods - Lead Actress in a play

The Wayside School Kids - Ensemble in a play

2009 - Footloose

John Rice - Featured Actor in a Musical

2008 - Guys and Dools

Rebecca Walker - Female Dancer - WINNER

Hunter Link - Male Dancer

Graham Jenkins - Comic Actor in a Musical

Paul Disselkoen - Lead Actor in a Musical

Song - Luck Be A Lady - WINNER

2007 - 42nd Street

2006 - The Boyfriend

2005 - All My Murders

2004 - Les Miserables

Orchestra - WINNER

2003 - Titanic

2002 - The Lion in the Winter

2001 - Man of La Mancha


Orchestra - WINNER

2000 - Pride and Prejudice

Costume Design - WINNER

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