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"Monty Python's Edukational Show" is the only authorized collection of Monty Python sketches and songs available for performance by young actors in North America. This brand new show offers up the genius of Monty Python in a hilarious 80-minute musical revue. Enjoy “Cheese Shop,” “Argument Clinic,” “Gumby Flower Arranging,” “Lumberjack Song,” “Dead Parrot,” “Galaxy Song” and many more Python gems, with a decidedly irreverent "edukational" theme.



Antonio Amaral - Gumby, Galaxy Company, Viking, Actor 4 (Money)

Brooke Apitz - Mounty Choir, A Long John Silver, Actor (Galaxy), Actor 1 (Gumby)

Micheal Auld - Mr. Pudey, William Shatner, Angry Man, Viking, Money Chorus

Ashley Beckett - Body 

Mark Belle-Isle - Mounty Choir, A Hamlet, #1 (Election), Galaxy Company, 

Man (Restaurant)

Fiona Beresford - Mounty Choir, Body, #1 (Yorkshiremen), Viking, Money Chorus

Katie Boyle - Barber’s Girl, Glans, Galaxy Company, Actor (Argument), Actor 3 (Finale)

Tunde Bamidele - Mounty Choir, Mr. Frog, Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus

Sophie Cadorette - Paperboy, A Hamlet, Receptionist, Viking, Money Chorus

Ryan Coneway - Barber, #4 (Yorkshiremen)

Alex Cook - Mounty Choir, Actor 4 (Philosopher’s), Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus

Haley DeBok - Mounty Choir, Tommy, Bee, Galaxy Company, Wife (Restaurant)

Sydney Dockter - Mounty Choir, Cheese Shop Owner, #7 (Election), Galaxy Company, Manager

Mitchell Flores-Kaplan - Jenkins, #4 (Election), Other Man

Grant Hamilton - Inspector

Trista Inabinet - Actor (Philosopher’s), Sergeant, Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus, Constable

Claire Jargow - Ministress, Galaxy Company, Viking, Actor 5 (Money)

Alexis Kirgan - Mounty Choir, Ambulance Attendant, #5 (Election), Galaxy Company, Viking, Fang

Charlie Maass - A Long John Silver, #3 (Yorkshiremen), Actor 2 (Gumby)

Willa Madar - Mounty Choir, Customer, Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus

Clara Marshall - Mounty Choir, A Long John Silver, Galaxy Company, Waiter, Biggles

Melanie McBain - Mounty Choir, A Hamlet, #2 (Yorkshiremen), Viking, Money Chorus

David McFarlane - Minister, Ximinez

Charlotte Meecham - Mounty Choir, Student 2, A Long John Silver

Bella Middleton - The Major, Wife (Spam)

Maggie Minarcik - Mounty Choir, Student 3, Boss, Galaxy Company, Viking, Actor 1 (Inquisition)

Lily Minarcik - Mounty Choir, A Nurse, Galaxy Company, Actor (Gumby)

Dabney Murphy - Army Officer, Actor 1 (Finale)

Paul Nunez - It’s Man, A Richard III, Actor 2 (Inquisition)

Savannah O’Leary - Mounty Choir, Miss Johnson, Man, Money Chorus

Adna Omerovic - Praline, Viking, Actor 1 (Money)

Sophia Plaushin - Padre, Galaxy Company, Cook, Money Chorus

Camille Powitlatis - Girl, A Richard III, Galaxy Company, Actor 3 (Gumby)

Chloe Pregenzer - Mounty Choir, Student 1, A Richard III, Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus, Mr. Hilton

Gracie Schaub - Customer, A Hamlet, Actor 2 (Galaxy), Viking, Money Chorus, Actor 2 (Finale

Xavier Scheeler  - Shopkeeper, A Hamlet

Sara Simensky - Mounty Choir, A Richard III, #3 (Election), Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus

Kaela Smith - Mounty Choir, Galaxy Company, Viking, Money Chorus

Charlotte Teeples - Mounty Choir, A Specialist, Galaxy Company, Waitress, Money Chorus

Davais Wilborn - Mounty Choir, #6 (Election), Galaxy Company, Man (Spam)

Zoe Wallach - Mounty Choir, Ambulance Attendant, #2 (Election), Galaxy Company, Head Waiter




Maya Armstrong, Abigail Aziz, Katie Boyle, Nicole Jones, Abigail Mulhern, Dabney Murphy, Kaela Smith



Ashley Beckett - Props Mistress

Maggie Bengston - Marketing

Gabriella Camarillo-Arriaga - Lighting Crew

Gavin Carpenter - Stage Manager

Ave Clyburn - Prop Runner

Kevin Coneway - Assistant Set Designer

Ryan Coneway - Master Electrician 

Ella Danyluk - Director

Mitchell Flores-Kaplan - Deck Manager

Angel Gabriel-Reynoso-Valadez - Costume Designer

Gabe Guglielmo - Carpenter/Stagehand

Grant Hamilton - Musical Director, Piano

Molly Hamrin - Carpenter/Stagehand

Ethan Hanson - Master Carpenter

Phillip Jarzen - Carpenter/Special Effects

Kennedy Johnson - Props Team

Nicole Jones - Musical Director

Charlotte Jurta - Assistant Stage Manager

Mandi Kendrick - Set Designer

Kylee Ledford - Assistant Costume Designer

Charlie Maass - Carpenter

Mia MacDonald - Carpenter/Stagehand

Madison Macenat - Carpenter/Stagehand

Michiko Magnant - Carpenter/Stagehand

Katie Manning - Wardrobe Mistress

Melanie McBain - Costume/Makeup/Hair Team

Charlotte Meecham - Hair Designer

Harry Meecham - Carpenter/Stagehand

Victor Melendez - Prop Runner

Isabella Middleton - Sound Designer

Simone Moody - Carpenter/Stagehand

Aaron Nelson - Carpenter/Stagehand

Alyssa Nolan - Milliner

Pierina Nunez - Costume/Makeup/Hair Team

Lizzie Otto - Lighting Design

Maya Parfitt - Costume/Makeup/Hair Team

Emmie Pereira - Carpenter/Head Stagehand

Katt Reisetter-Props Team

Piero Roque - Set Dressing

Sam Sabo - Sound Operator

Gracie Schaub - Costume/Makeup/Hair Team

Max Scheeler - Carpenter/Stagehand

Xavier Scheeler - Props Team

Max Slone - Costume/Makeup/Hair Team

Kaela Smith - Makeup Designer

Dashiell Stribling - Lighting Crew, Backstage Sound

Lee Stribling - Backstage Sound, Set Dressing

Abby Tynan - Props Team

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