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Class of 2012 Beyond the Page Theatre Company Alumni

Julia Warren (2012)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Anthropology and Dramatic Arts


"I didn't realize just how much being a part of the WPHS theater department would impact me after I left high school.  When I arrived in Chapel Hill, I did not plan on studying theater at all. Today, I'm a Dramatic Arts major and spend a majority of my time working in theaters simply because I love the community.  I also didn't realize how much I would stay in touch with my high school theater community.  Two years after my graduation, I'm still extremely close with my West Potomac theater family.  Friends who make art together, stay together, and at West Potomac our family is one of the strongest I've ever seen. "



Alex Wong (2012)

VCU studying Theatre Performance with a minor in Creative Writing


"Enjoy every moment of your life, onstage and off, even if you make a mistake, especially if you make a mistake, because those moments are only going to happen once before they're gone forever. Don't forget to appreciate them while they're here."




Katie Skinner (2012)

Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Psychology and Pre Med


"Theatre at WPHS definitely made me a better person, and everyday I reap the benefits of the months I spent in Springbank. Never forget to be yourself. Be yourself so hard that you scare yourself and everyone around you (they will be terrified with admiration for you), and smile until your cheeks hurt. "


Lyndsee Axline (2012)

Penn Foster College studying Veterinary Technology 


"Being involved in the West Potomac Theatre Department definitely changed me in ways that I didn't think were possible. I learned that being yourself and not being afraid to be goofy or act silly in front of people is a fantastic thing. It's helped me to open up and succeed at the two wonderful careers I am working hard towards." 




Zoe McCray(2012)

JMU - Performing Arts


"I graduated West Potomac in 2012, and could not be happier that I did. Throughout middle and elementary school and freshman year, I thought performing was not for me. I was too afraid to do any type of theater or dance performance and was only comfortable doing choir. My friends convinced me to try out for the spring musical my sophomore year which was Godspell. I am so glad I did and that one show changed the course of who I wanted to become. I fell in love with all things performing and went on to try out and make the West Potomac Varsity Dance team Junior year. I fell so in love with performing that I decided to enroll in theater class Junior year, the year we went through huge changes in the theater department and lost our theater teacher. After a year of long term substitutes, the beginning of senior  year Clark showed up and everything changed. There was a sense of pride in the department I had not seen in a very long time, and I know that pride grows everyday for the department. Because of my experience with West Potomac theater, music, and dance I embraced the love I had for the arts and decided to become a performing arts major. I owe so much of who I am today to the West Potomac arts department, and to Clark, Gen, and Mr J. " 




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