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Class of 2015 Beyond the Page Theatre Company Alumni

Becky Lehner (2015)

DePaul University, History Major with an Irish Studies Minor


"When thinking about the mess that is high school, one thing comes to mind, theatre. My four years at West Potomac taught me a lot, but the most valuable lessons came from Clark and my time in the theatre department. Before I joined the theatre department I was always floating along without a lot to do. When I joined the costume crew the middle of the sophomore year, I found a purpose. I was learning new things everyday and while it was incredibly stressful at times, it was the highlight of my high school career. I learned how to collaborate with all different types of people, the tech department had to be inconstant communication for things to run smoothly. I also learned how to manage my time, a skill that has become crucial in my first year of college. But most importantly I learned how to be confident, and how to be a leader. Clark always gave us creative freedom and that scared me. I just wanted to be told what to do because I was horrified of making a mistake and letting people down. But during my time as a costumer and makeup artist, Clark didn’t hold my hand or tell me what to do. He always gave me and my team the freedom to do what we wanted. He expected us to make confident choices and stick by them. While some of my choices didn’t always work out, they were mine and I was proud of what I had accomplished. I can not thank Clark enough for teaching me this confidence, it has made my life so much better. I will always remember my time at the Beyond the Page Theatre Company as the foundations for the person I am today, confident, strong, and committed."




Caroline Austin (2015)

The College of William & Mary, Business Major with a Theatre Minor


"Words cannot describe how much Clark and Beyond the Page Theatre company has shaped me into the college student I am today. Clark really emphasized the importance of being independent as a student and that cannot be more true in college. When there is a problem with a professor, you can't ask your parents to bail you out. You have to be a big girl and work it out with your professor yourself. The skills I learned with Beyond the Page not only benefited me as a performer but also as an adult. I learned how to take responsibility for my actions, to commit to what I'm doing, to always give it my all, and much more. I don't know where I would be without my experiences with Clark and Beyond the Page."




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